Warranty Forever®

What is Warranty Forever®?
It is a limited lifetime powertrain warranty that is provided to the customer at the time they purchase their new or pre-owned vehicle.  The coverage provides your dealership with the following benefits:
– A great “Why Buy Here?”
– An unparalleled, proven service retention system
– Customer loyalty, repeat and referral business
What type of coverage does the Warranty Forever® program provide?
The program provides stated component coverage to the powertrain components of the vehicle.
What vehicles are eligible?
Any vehicle, regardless of age or manufacturer (except exotics), with less than 100,000 miles at the time of sale is eligible for coverage under the program.
What are the maintenance requirements for the Warranty Forever® program?
The program requires the customer to maintain the vehicle according to the terms and conditions outlined in the Warranty Forever® Agreement issued at the time of sale.  The vehicle must be serviced at the selling dealer or a pre-authorized facility prior to the service visit.  Your dealership is notified immediately about the service request through the online reporting system.
-Guaranteed Market Exclusivity
-Simple 3-Class Tier Structure
-Reinsurance and Retro Participation Available