Hiring Winners®

Hiring Winners® offers a revolutionary automated recruiting, screening, hiring and retention system designed specifically to serve the unique HR needs of today’s auto industry.

We combine leading-edge science and software with the latest best practices to deliver a complete solution for the attraction, recruitment, development and retention of top-performing employees across all auto dealership job functions — Finance & Insurance (F&I), Service, Parts, Sales, Administration and Management.

Hiring winners can provide you with the right balance of People, Process and Performance.

Finding the Right People has Never been Easier

According to Automotive News, 80 percent of all auto dealers surveyed state that “recruiting the right new people” is their biggest staffing pain point.*

Hiring Winners was specifically designed to solve this problem for automotive dealerships through the application of leading-edge analytics, diagnostics and recruiting best practices. Potential candidates are evaluated and screened based on a number of key criteria — talent, career goals, work history, probability of success and more.

Hiring Winners helps find top-performing candidates by:

  • Instantly post positions to major job aggregators
  • Increasing the number of qualified, engaged candidates
  • Identifying candidates most likely to thrive in a particular job function
  • Improving the overall candidate experience
  • Providing real-time analytics and dashboards to track recruitment effectiveness
  • Evaluating employees for promotion or other internal opportunities

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Automate Your Hiring Process

Hiring Winners is a fully integrated recruitment and retention platform with built-in assessment tools, allowing automotive dealerships to keep pace with the latest HR tools. The science behind our software automates the screening process and helps accurately predict a candidate’s potential and performance over time, which means a larger pool of better-qualified candidates for you to choose from.

Our process provides:

  • Unlimited candidate screening
  • Job-specific profile tools
  • Increased candidate flow and an improved candidate experience
  • Support for employee and customer referrals
  • Candidate ranking by assessment results
  • Simplified data storage for single-point and multi-franchise dealers
  • Individual and group branding for recruitment websites
  • Multiple layers of access so you can regulate who sees what
  • Candidate tracking resources
  • Comprehensive real-time analytics
  • Screening filters designed specifically for automotive dealerships

Hiring Winner’s proprietary process is designed to improve your chances of finding the right fit for the job, your business and your company culture.

Predict Long-Term Performance before and after you Hire

Hiring Winners gives auto dealerships the ability to predict a candidate’s long-term potential before the hire, and track employee performance over time after the hire. Through our solution’s exclusive diagnostic and assessment tools, dealerships can get a better feel for how a candidate will work within any particular job function or company culture. With Hiring Winners’ online tracking features, your dealership can train, develop, promote and retain talent across every job function — Finance & Insurance (F&I), Service, Parts, Sales, Administration and Management.

Still not convinced? The numbers say it all:

  • Hiring Winners-endorsed Finance Managers have 26% higher service contract penetration
  • Hiring Winners-endorsed Sales Consultants produce $162,720 more in gross sales per year
  • Hiring Winners-endorsed Service Advisors average $86 more per RO

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