Our Story

In 1999, Scott Lindy left his position at one of the largest service contract providers in the nation and opened a full service general agency.

At the end of dinner, one evening, with a prospective client, Scott was caught a little off guard when the dealer pulled a pen from his pocket and began methodically unscrewing the top.  Grabbing the nearest cocktail napkin, he wrote, “If you’re still in business in one year, I’ll sign with you.”  He then dated and signed the napkin. Scott stared at the hastily penned commitment for a few moments and then flipped the napkin over.  Retrieving a pen from his own pocket, he made a few marks and slid it, slowly, back over. The dealer, looking somewhat confused, took the napkin and held it up to the light in the middle of the table.  He pondered over it for a moment and asked, “Scott, what is this number?”  Scott smiled, “That’s how much it will cost you to wait that long.”  “If I show you how right now, will you do business with me?”  The dealer agreed to his terms.  That evening Dealership Solutions took on its first client.  That dealer remains a partner to this day.

That dealer signed with Dealership Solutions, not because Scott made grand promises, but because he had pinpointed a specific problem to which he also provided the solution.  That solution put our new client into a significantly better financial position.  At Dealership Solutions we continue to maintain that simple philosophy.   Offer dealers viable long-term solutions, specific to their needs and goals, and leave the promises to everyone else.

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